Terms and Condition


1.1      Withdrawal of Application for Full Refund:

Client are allowed a period of 10 calendar days from the date of “KHRPL” s realization of the Down payment to withdraw their subscriber subscription application and a claim a REFUND after deducting process charges and applicable taxes. If the application of withdrawal duly signed by the subscriber (in case of Joint application both the Principal Subscriber and Co-Applicant lies not received by KHRPL within 2 Calendar days from the date of receipt of the Down Payment, the Subscriber right to claim the withdrawal and the subscriber services for communicating with KHRPL. Client shall use Speed Post/Registered Post/ Courier Services/E-mail from registered e-mail address for communicating with KRHPL. The refund in such cases will be made within 120 days from the date of receipt of written request for withdrawal from the Client.


1.2       Termination by KRHPL

KRHM reserves the right to terminate the KHSPP of the Customer on occurrence of any of the following events:

1.2.1   Breach of Rules by the Member/co-applicant

1.2.2   Default in payment of Customers KEYS PRODUCT Price by the Member.

1.2.3   Breach of House Rules of KMR/NKMR by the Member/co-applicant.

1.2.4   Any other action by the Customer and/or occurrence of any event or situation within the premises of KMR/NKMR which constitutes a criminal offence.

1.2.5   Customer indulging in any commercial activity by way of renting/or any other manner by Customer of his/her holidays through online portals, web advertisements, agents, or through any other modes/means.

1.2.6   Customer indulging in any commercial activity by way of offer to transfer his/her Customers KEYS PRODUCT through any online/ web portals/advertisement/ any agents/ in any other manner.

1.2.7   Inappropriate/abusive behavior/acts/causing nuisance by any Member/Co-applicant at any of the premises of KMR/NKMR/ offices of KRHM.

In the event of termination on the basis of any of the above clauses, the refund shall be in accordance with and subject to the terms mentioned in Clause 8.4 herein below.

1.3      Deductions uponCancellation/Termination

Upon termination  or  cancellation  other than withdrawal  of  application  as mentioned  in clause

1.2 above, the following deductions shall be made by KRHM from the amounts paid by the Customer towards the Entitlement Fees:

a)        Pro-rated Entitlement Fees for the period (in years) from the start of Customers KEYS PRODUCT Usage Period till the date of termination. Part of the year shall be treated as full year for the purpose of calculating the deductions.

b)        Cost of Holidays enjoyed by the Customer in excess of entitlement;

cl    Cost of any promotional gifts/offers offered;

d)     Tax dues, if any and any other amount/s due to KRHM.

The Customer shall not be entitled for refund of any unutilized Top up points. Further, the Customer shall not  be entitled to the refund of any service tax or any other taxes that may have been paid by KRHM in connection with the KHSPP to any statutory authority.

1.4      In the event of cancellation/termination aforesaid, the Customer shall return to KRHM the KHSPP Certificate, Customers KEYS PRODUCT Card and other documents issued by KRHM in order to receive the refund of the Entitlement Fees, if any. KRHM shall refund the balance amount if any, after deductions set out in Clause 1.4 above, within 120 days from the date of receipt of the request for cancellation.